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Web Design and Development


Anybody can set up a website—but we build strategic, engaging websites that instantly reinforce credibility, communicate established messaging to intended audiences, and ultimately converts users into customers. Once initial designs are complete, ongoing partnership clients receive routine design audits in which a variety of testing tools (e.g., heat mapping, A/B testing) are used to subtlety adjust layouts, calls to action, and visual hierarchy. This non-stop improvement creates websites that not only keep looking like four-star restaurants but also have the functionality and advanced programming to deliver leads, clients, and revenue.

What is a Landing Page?

Websites are multi-faceted and can be optimized to achieve a variety of different results: information, user engagement, sales, etc. With there being so many dimensions, it can be difficult or even counter-productive to zero in on one specific goal. The solution to this is landing pages: stand-alone micro-environments that exist only to convert. In a technical sense, a landing page can be any webpage that a visitor “lands” on via advertisements, Google results, or links to your site. However, from a design and marketing perspective, they operate separately and independently from your primary domain and serve only one purpose: converting visitors into customers.


1147’s Web Design:

  • Does your Website need a facelift? Or do you need to start from scratch? We are here to craft your business a new site that is user friendly, engaging, responsive, and dynamic
  • Engaging color schemes of your choice
  • Automatic resizing with responsive design
  • Pages optimized for conversion
  • User friendly navigation
  • Custom design and coding with the latest templates
  • Image optimization for improved loading times
  • Loads within moments

1147’s Landing Page Design:

  • One-Dimensional: By definition, landing pages are not as dynamic as proper websites. All outbound links should direct visitors toward your actual website (or social media when it is called for).
  • Headline & CTA: The first thing any visitor will notice is the top of the page, so this component must be especially optimized for conversion. Headlines ought to be eye-catching, vibrant, and followed by a call-to-action (CTA) button such as “Buy Now!” or “Subscribe Today!”
  • Value Proposition: Landing pages must convince visitors of the value of your company. What makes you, your product or your service so special? Value propositions will often make use of testimonials, reviews, and listed benefits, all of which are concise and engaging.
  • Dynamic Text: Dynamic text is a word or a phrase that is automatically inserted into your Landing Page to create more relevant ad copy that tailors the page to a user’s actual searched term. This can help you get more clicks and conversions, which is the ultimate goal.


Our goal is to build you a awesome, high end Website or Landing Page that works for you or your business. Contact us today and let us show what 1147 Marketing can create to grow your business

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