Usability Testing

What is a redesigned website or landing page if it does not resonate in your strongest consumer base?

Usability Testing

Usability testing is the best way to understand how real users experience your website, Unlike interviews or focus groups that attempt to get users to accurately self-report their own behavior or preferences, usability testing offers a rare opportunity to receive feedback from the very people the website is aimed at – before it’s too late to do anything about it.


1147’s Usability Testing Includes:

  • Scope. What exactly are we testing? The whole site, only part(s) of it? The navigation, navigation and content, just content? In this step, you indicate what exactly are you going to test.
  • Purpose. Identify the concerns, questions, goals and hypothesis you are going to test. These could include questions like can users easily find info about product X? Or is our store locator feature easy to use? Or is the check-out procedure easy to use?
  • Schedule and location. When and where are you going to be running the test? In-person or remote/online?
  • Participants. How many people are participating in testing, do they have to be from a certain demographic?
  • Scenarios. How many tasks and scenarios are your participants going to go through and what are they exactly? This is where you will formulate concrete questions and actions like find product X and fill out the form for ordering etc.

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