Welcome to 1147 Marketing. We are internet marketing and website gurus working to provide strong, ROI-driven and actionable marketing concepts for your small and medium-sized businesses. We pride ourselves on creating marketable, outside-the-box approaches that generate strong returns for both lead and revenue generations.

Custom Website & Landing Page Design

Your website is the online face and representation of your company. That is why we take pride in creating full HTML-5 websites that are fully responsive, mobile optimized, heat mapped, and tested for optimal usability. Also, we will help to convert traffic into customers by creating dynamic, custom designed landing pages on a frequency that best suits your companies needs.

Search Engine Marketing

Search Advertising (AKA Paid Search, SEM, PPC) likely drives a big portion of your most profitable revenue. Our goal is to build actionable, segmented pay-per-click campaigns that will drive your business’ goals. We will then use the data collected to optimize your efforts for better returns.


The audience you want is the audience that wants you. You might simply want to recapture visitors who didn’t convert, or run more complex campaigns where you target specialized audience segments with messages that appeal to their unique interests. Increase leads, sales and revenue with a practiced, targeted, and comprehensive remarketing strategy.

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Email Marketing

Our marketing team can assist your email marketing strategy, both internal and external. Externally, we will write new lifts & buy external lists that should perform well with your offerings. Internally, we will build your company a retention strategy based upon your per-collected lists.

Usability Testing

What is a redesigned website or landing page if it does not resonate in your strongest consumer base? That’s why 1147 Marketing will explore your demographic and ensure that their needs are being met. Furthermore, we will case study every creative concept to show its effectiveness specific to your demographic/personality target.

Lead Generation

Lead generation describes the marketing process of stimulating and capturing interest in a product or service for the purpose of developing sales pipeline. With 1147’s services, we will help you to convert traffic into leads using dynamic landing pages and Improve lead quality by excluding placements that drive poor quality traffic.


PPC Management

Although our management process relies heavily on analyzing technical data and deriving conclusions based on statistical evidence, our team also employs a great deal of creativity and innovation when determining the appropriate strategy to make your PPC campaign effective.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Having eyes on your landing page or form is one thing, but until a visitor clicks “submit,” they have little impact on your actual business. That’s why we follow through with tracking, testing and optimizing your traffic’s journey to the very end: Conversions.


Analytics And Research

What is marketing without knowledge? Our team of math-minded nerds is the best in determining success and failure. We will do full marketing audits of your creatives and advertising, in order to fully optimize your marketing profits.


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